Bulk SMS

A bulk sms platform that provides you with a way to communicate to your multiple contacts or contact groups. You are able to set up message templates or personalized bulk messages through our secure online platform. It can be used by individuals and companies to set up their marketing campaign. Apply your brand to the platform and start selling to the public.

Featuring a beautifully designed administrator dashboard to easily access and manage information.

SMS Platform offers a different solution which can be used to set up your business with a good messaging platform.

This service is a custom application that fits your business needs and skyrockets your customers with a SMS solution.

Giving you the ability to see what messages was delivered, received, replied or failed and the reason for an undelivered message.

Set up reusable SMS templates and make it personalized by using dynamic tags that changes according to the user or client.

The ability to send bulk messages, and import contacts in bulk.

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