Introducing iMIS (EMS)™


iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS)™ has the power and flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of “not-for-profits”. Is your organization not listed? Not to worry, our 20+ years of experience, practice and knowledge with nearly 4,000 clients globally and 100+ third-party applications ensures iMIS has the ability to meet your organization’s specific needs and take it to new heights.

iMIS also have a global network of partners to provide you with a full range of services to implement and support your iMIS solution.

We are the Authorized iMIS Solution Provider (AiSP) for Africa.

iMIS Features

Flexible Member Management

iMIS 20 is an Engagement Management System (EMS)™ that assists your business to involve and communicate with members, donors and other constituents, your staff included anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Access from Anywhere

iMIS 20 comprises of constituent relationship management, constituent self-service, social engagement, private communities and mobile access in a unified cloud-based system.

Existing System Integration

To add to that, iMIS 20 has the flexibility to be integrated with your existing Content Management System (CMS), or for most organizations the ability to manage your entire website.