Our Partnerships

Cutting Time to Market and Passing That Value on to you the client

We believe in providing the right solution for your unique problem. That is why we have strategically partnered with the best of the best. Partnering allows us to cut the time to market and passing that value on to you the client. Best of Breed.

Microsoft Partnership Logo

With a growing demand for companies to migrate to cloud, developing and scaling on Microsoft Azure has become essential. As a Microsoft Partner in South Africa we specialize in project management, application development and data platforming.

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Nintex Partnership Logo

We partnered with Nintex to improve your business process management with the best workflow solutions for SharePoint and Office 365, and even other external systems, streamlining your everyday business processes.

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Unily Partnership Logo

Setting the new standard in enterprise intranets by leveraging your investment in Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. Deep level integration with Yammer and full native mobile apps to deliver a seamless, single intranet experience.

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IMIS20 Partnership Logo

We partnered with ASI to serve as an extended sales, service, and support team in South Africa. Whether you're looking for assistance with a basic installation, or looking to further expand your system with additional modules or functional capabilities.

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OnePlace Solutions Partnership Logo

Our partnership with OnePlace Solutions allows us to connect Microsoft Outlook, Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Windows Explorer and Adobe Acrobat to Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

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PMOtto Partnership Logo

Bridging the gap between tools and users, our partnership with PMOtto allows us to use machine learning with the powerfull PMOtto AI tool. Streamlining and optimizing your work, project by project.

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